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Top 10 Best Telegram/Discord Groups For 2023

With so many networks and apps, people find creative ways to share their nudes and arrange hookups. Telegram and Discord are perfect for this as they have a large community of users. So here, it is easy to find the naughty groups where people look for a match. These boys and girls are up for anything, from sexting and sharing nudes to doing spicy video calls. There are girls looking for a hot date, but also cam models that want to interact with you more privately. All these groups are pretty active and there is a plenty share of babes that you can find here. They share steamy nudes and dirty videos where they have sex, or they play alone with their sweet pussies. They will show you even more, so make sure to be nice to them and see what else they offer.


Some of these groups can get really nasty, so if you are interested in checking out some kinks, prepare for loads of them. All the hottest and wildest ladies are gathered here, so you will have a lot of content to enjoy. They share masturbation videos, hot showers, group fucks and other spicy things that you want to see. So have them seduce you and get lost in the fantasies with the free-spirited babes that are looking for some fun. Check these groups and join them to get quick access to what you truly crave, as these girls offer plenty for everyone.

The Best Telegram Groups

This group is for anyone who enjoys looking at girls’ nude selfies. There are plenty of hot photos to check out, so whether you’re a guy or girl, you’ll definitely find something to your liking!

This group is dedicated to girls who have big titties and loves to show them off, DROP STYLE! Never seen a titty drop before? Then Join this telegram group now! 

This telegram group is dedicated to Teens! 18,19 years old is what is allowed! Enjoy all these hot babes doing dirty and nasty things. 

Clips of your favorite pornstars and onlyfans starlets getting fucked, sucking dicks, being just plain NASTY!! These are good girls who have gone bad. 

Real girls posting real nudes.  Find the girl next door, or your friends mom stripping down to into nothing. This is the newest and hottest private telegram group around for nudes and telegram nude links

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The best sexy xxx telegram nude links and vertical gifs group.  Hot babes having sex, giving blowjobs and eating each other out! Great telegram nude channel that has it all!

Hentai is a genre of pornography with Anime or Manga styling. We provide you with the best content Hentai and Rule 34 on Telegram!

CamsBoss is a Telegram group where you can find videos and images of hot and sexy cam girls!

Nudes and Dirty Memes is the place to be for all your meme needs. You can find videos and images of sultry memes, funny ones with 4chan and other people in them that are just too dirty and nasty!

The Finest Girls is a Telegram group where you can fine women from reddit. You will be able to follow them on their profiles and interact on their onlyfans.  These girls are amazing and will surely have you getting your socks off!


SocialGirls is a Telegram group where you can find videos and images of girls doing sexy things, on sexy poses, showing themselves… It’s a great group to be a part of if you want to have some fun looking at the videos of some hot nasty girls!


GirlOrTrap? is a Telegram group where you can find videos of traps doing hot stuff on videos, like masturbation, sex and others. If you’re into traps then this is the perfect group for you, since this is a quite active one and promises a lot of fun!

So, where will you have sexy fun next?

Whichever way you want to have fun online, using Telegram, Discord or both, don’t forget to always be nice to these girls. They’re also looking to have fun, so don’t ruin the fun for both of you.


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