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How should I start talking to my crush on instagram

Start a conversation that matter

Dive into the world of amusing captions and lovely pictures, showing the joy of life in all its glory. Instagram is home to millions of active profiles, where people share photos, selfies, and post stories. If you have a secret crush, going through their Instagram profile is a great opportunity to learn more about their lives, habits, and views on life. Not only do you get the chance to gaze at the stunning photos, but the commenting and DM options also let you make the first step and engage in conversation with your crush.

You want to let that girl/guy know you would like to be more than a friend, but sounding desperate or creepy isn’t an option. Luckily, taking it slowly, step by step, you’ll get your message through and hopefully end up having convos with each other daily. Make sure to follow the person of your dreams because Instagram lets people know who saw the stories and videos, and you don’t want to be caught secretly stalking the profile. Hit that follow button and wait for the proper opportunity to start a conversation.

Seize the opportunity

One of the best ways to begin interaction is by reacting to your crush’s stories. Leaving a heart-shaped emoji from time to time is a cool way to bring some attention to yourself. Commenting on photos might be a good idea, but like only a couple of the most recent photos. You don’t want the guy/girl of your dreams to realize you have been scrolling their profile all the way to 2016. Keep it light and unintentional, and slowly build your way up. Sharing funny memes might make your beloved person like your post. The more active you get, the more chances you have to finally hook up, at least virtually.

If you already have a history together, post an old picture and wait for the reactions, or better send it to the DM. Try to reminisce about the past together, bringing out the positive aspect of that. Saying things like – Good old times, or Can you believe this was us should help you start an extensive communication. If you aren’t old friends, wait for the stories with nature pictures or food photos and ask something like – Wow, lovely nature. Where was this picture taken?. Ask for a recipe or the address of the restaurant. Avoid simple yes or no questions.

Love favors the bold

The best option to express your feelings is through direct messages. Even if a person is into you, public comments or convos might be embarrassing. Your chances of getting a reply to your DM are far higher when compared to replies to your public comments.

Whatever you do, start slowly, and try to find common ground to start a conversation with your crush. If you are persistent enough, you are sure to find something to help you overcome the initial awkwardness. Remember that many fairytale relationships started with likes and comments on Instagram.