How To Be Genetically More Attractive

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This is a no brainer:  Some men are genetically more attractive to women than others.

Or is it?

Actually it’s more complicated, because while, yes, a man who is tall, handsome, athletic, with great hair, and a great smile has some big advantages in making women feel attraction… if you talk to a lot of these guys about their experiences with their relationships, seduction, and women in general (as I have!), you discover that some of them really struggle to trigger a woman’s “mating instinct.”

Sure, they get an initial positive response, but then, just like any other guy, they often feel that initial response fade and disappear before anything happens.  So frustrating!

In relationships it’s often worse for them, because many handsome men over-rely on what turns out to be an unreliable way to turn a woman on… and they find themselves in a sexless and frustrating relationship or marriage, with no idea what to do about it.

“Seduction skills” are not the answer.

That stuff gets repetitive and transparent very quickly for a woman in a relationship.

According to this very interesting study, the source of consistent attraction (and a great sex life!)  isn’t genetic, it’s “epigenetic”.

Epigenetics is the newly discovered science that shows that things in your environment, and what you do in your life, actually change how your genetics are expressed, sometimes for multiple generations.

In other words, your own experiences and actions, and the experiences of your father and grandfather affect how women respond to you.

And this study lays out how specific character traits that trigger attraction ALSO cause epigenetic changes in body chemistry that activate women’s “mating instincts.” 

Men who intentionally cultivate 5 particular character traits get positive sexual response from women, seemingly automatically, and in case after case these men end up successful in creating sexual chemistry with women, and have happier, more fulfilling relationships.

In other words, since sexual attraction is based more on epigenetics than genetics, you actually CAN change your genetic destiny with women and create more sexual fulfillment in your relationships.

Check out the full story here >>


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