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If you want to trigger strong feelings of attraction and adoration in your man, you have to know how to get on the same frequency with him.


Imagine never having to deal with his silent treatment again. (Which is just really code for “I’m angry but don’t want to talk about it”.)

When you know how to read him and know what he’s thinking and feeling, unpleasant situations like the silent treatment will be a thing of the past.

You’ll know how to bring up problems in a way that won’t make him feel defensive and will actually cause him to WANT to listen to you and work together to solve them.

Plus, once you know how to get on the same wavelength as your man, he’ll be more likely to confide in you and tell you what’s really going on inside his head.



 So how do you get on the same wavelength as your man?

Here are some tips:

1. Listen to him when he talks

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to really listen to what he’s saying. Not only will this make him feel heard and understood, but you’ll also be able to pick up on the subtle cues that he’s giving you about what he’s thinking and feeling.

2. Try to see things from his perspective

It can be easy to get caught up in your own point of view, but it’s important to try to see things from his perspective as well. This will help you to understand where he’s coming from and what might be motivating his behavior.

3. Be open-minded

Be open to the possibility that you might be wrong about something or that there might be another way of looking at a situation. This flexibility will help you to find common ground with him more easily.

4. Communicate openly and honestly

Make sure that you’re communicating openly and honestly with him. This will create a foundation of trust between you and make it more likely that he’ll be open with you as well.

5. Be patient

If you’re having trouble understanding him or getting on the same wavelength, don’t get frustrated. Just be patient and keep trying. With time and effort, you’ll be able to get inside his head and create a deeper connection with him



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