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Chat Selfies

15 Tips for Taking Perfect Selfies for Snapchat

Selfies are a big part of snapchat, and if you want to take perfect selfies for snapchat, you need to know the right tips and tricks. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best tips for taking great selfies that will make your friends and followers envy you!

Tip #1: Use a Filter

Filters are a great way to make your selfies look even better. There are many different filters to choose from, and each one can give your selfie a unique look. Be sure to experiment with different filters until you find the ones that you like best.

Tip #2: Angle Yourself Properly

There are many different angles for snapchat selfies, and it can be difficult to choose the right one. We recommend using a mirror or asking someone else what angle they think is best before taking your selfie. That way you’ll know if there’s something off about your photo!

If you’re still having trouble deciding on an angle, try the classic snapchat selfie angle: tilt your head up and to the side.

Tip #3: Use Natural Lighting

One of the best ways to take a great selfie is by using natural lighting. If you’re outside, try standing in direct sunlight. If you’re inside, find a spot that has plenty of windows. This will help to make your selfie look bright and airy.

Tip #4: Use a Good Camera App

If you’re using an iPhone, we recommend using the Camera+ app. This app has many different features that can help you take great selfies, including a timer and gridlines to help you frame your photo correctly.

Tip #5: Take Lots of Photos

It can be difficult to get the perfect selfie on the first try, so don’t be afraid to take lots of photos. This way, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from and you can pick the best one.

Tip #6: Use a Selfie Stick

If you want to snapchat the perfect selfie, you’ll need to get creative. One way to do this is by using a selfie stick. This will allow you to snapchat from different angles and perspectives that aren’t possible with your arms alone.

Tip #7: Use Snapchat Filters

Snapchat filters are one of the best things about snapchat! They can add a lot of fun and personality to your selfies. Be sure to use them whenever you snapchat a selfie!

Tip #8: Smile!

A smile is always the best way to take a good selfie. Be sure to show off your pearly whites for the best results.

Tip #9: Use Good Lighting

Lighting is key when it comes to taking good selfies. If you’re in a dark room, your selfie will likely look bad. Try to find a spot with lots of natural light for the best results.

Tip #10: Pose with Friends

Posing with friends can make your selfie even better! This is a great way to show off your fun and social side.

Tip #11: Use a Prop

If you want to add an extra bit of personality to your selfie, try using a prop. This could be anything from a sunglasses to a stuffed animal. Be creative and have fun with it!

Tip #12: Take Your Time

Don’t rush your selfies! It’s better to snapchat a few selfies and pick the best one than snapchatting too many at once.

Tip #13: Use a Good Snapchat App

If you’re looking for an app that is specifically designed for snapchatting selfies, we recommend using the Snapchat app. This app has many features that are perfect for taking great selfies, including filters and tilt-shift effects.

Tip #14: Be Confident!

The best way to take a good selfie is to be confident! Be sure to smile and pose in a way that makes you feel comfortable. If you’re feeling good, your selfies will reflect that!

Tip #15: Have Fun!

The best thing about snapchatting selfies is that it’s all about having fun. So don’t take yourself too seriously and just have fun with it!

That’s it for our tips on snapchatting selfies! Be sure to try out these tips the next time you snapchat a selfie and see how they work for you. And most importantly, have fun with it! 🙂