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What turns you off during conversation online

The art of conversation

With the thrive of online chatting apps and social media, knowing your grounds when it comes to online conversations is crucial. If you are talking with someone you know, there are no rules basically, but if you are just starting a virtual friendship or hoping for happily ever after, knowing your do’s and don’ts might be a deciding factor.

Brushing up on your grammar is a good idea. Since you can’t use your body language or facial expressions to convey the message, make sure you use the proper punctuation to avoid confusion. When being sarcastic or ironic online, take your time to choose the proper emoji to avoid sounding rude or arrogant. Talking about yourself all the time certainly isn’t an option, and trashing your ex-friends or lovers isn’t a way to attract more people into your life.

The most common turn-offs

Although this is a matter of personal preferences, many people don’t like short forms, especially the ones that don’t make much sense. If you are not 100% sure the person you are chatting with knows what you are talking about, avoid the unnerving forms. On the other hand, elongating the words is also annoying. What is the point of writing Heeeeelllooooo?! Sending one message after the other without waiting for a reply is definitely one of the most irritating behaviors during online chatting.

Young people, especially guys, love to play hard to get. They use the “reply late” tactic to make girls lust after them even more. This behavior is rude and tiresome. Late replies are disrespectful but still better than not replying at all. If a person doesn’t reply to your messages, don’t be too pushy and demand the answer. Sometimes it’s just not meant to be. Being nosey won’t make the other person change their mind. Don’t think that complaining about your problems all the time, without listening to what the other side has to say, is a way to a friendship. Such strong relationships take time, so keep that in mind while chatting.

Constantly talking isn’t communication

The biggest turn-off while having an online conversation is talking too much, especially bragging. Please wait for the person you are talking to say something about themselves. Ask questions, thus expressing the willingness to get to know someone. Listening is a major part of any communication, so pay attention to the other person’s needs. Don’t ask private questions, and don’t share everything about your life straight away. Simply put, take things slowly and learn to be silent from time to time.

The proper communication principle is very similar to ordinary, eye-to-eye conversations. Be polite, patient, and don’t make it about yourself. Badmouthing anyone is a very bad idea, especially people you used to be close with. Not talking enough could be a problem as well. Send the message first, say Hi, and let the person you are communicating with know that you truly care about the relationship. Open your mind before you open your mouth.