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Immersive live chatrooms face to face like no other on the web!

Hundreds of girls
waiting on their Crush

If you want to have an authentic and real sex chat experience, then Lucky Crush is perfect for you. All the girls on the platform are 100% real amateur girls, not cam girls, and they are incredibly horny. They’re just waiting for some guy to sext them.

Start chatting and explore this world of endless sex chat possibilities. You’ll be amazed by all the beautiful and stunning women on this random chat platform.

How Does LuckyCrush Work?

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Sign Up

The free registration process is quick and easy. You will be able to fill out the information with only a few clicks of your mouse button. This is to ensure you start chatting with hot women as soon as possible.

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After you’ve created your account, you can login and start exploring your possibilities. The women are ready and waiting for you. You will get access to so many beautiful girls that will want some action from you.

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Connect Cam

Before you can start chatting with these gorgeous amateur girls, you need to connect your webcam. It would be unfair if the girls couldn’t see you. And besides, you’ll get a randomly selected girl every time so you can show off.

Hundreds of randomly selected girls to chat with

While most chat sites connect you with guys and girls (but mostly guys), on Lucky Crush you only get connected to girls. You will never see another guy here, only stunning women. There are so many chicks here that they are always ready for you. You get exclusive 1 on 1 chatting with these girls. So it’s just you and them, nobody else. This sounds like an ideal place to flirt with these girls, and that’s completely true.

You can skip girls if you don’t like them, so you’ll always have the control of finding the ideal girl for you. Do you like blondes? No problem, just skip until you find a blonde girl. Enjoy chicks with a big cleavage? There are plenty of those too on Lucky Crush. You can have anything you want from these stunning babes here.


randomly paired with Woman

Are you a guy looking to chat with women? Well, on Lucky Crush you only get amateur girls connected to you. You will never be connected to another guy. It’s always the opposite gender. You can meet gorgeous babes and get down and dirty with them right now!


randomly paired with Men

Ladies, don’t think we forgot about you. If you’re a lonely girl looking to chat with hot guys, you can do that here. In fact, you can start chatting with them right now. Just expect for things to start heating up as soon as you start your cam.


Use Lucky Crush on desktop or mobile with auto-translation included

You can chat with women on your desktop PC or on your mobile device, and so can the amateur babes. Lucky Crush features a responsive website UI design.


And it doesn’t matter which country the girls are from because Lucky Crush has automatic message translation. The auto-translate feature has over 100 supported languages.

Don't wait any longer! Meet amateur girls and enjoy 1 -on- 1 fun today!

News from our blog

How to make girls interested in you when chatting

Once you start chatting with these girls, you’re going to want to leave a good impression on them. Don’t worry if you’re not too good at chatting with girls, since they’re horny anyway. However, if you play your cards right, you might get even better sex cam fun. Read about all the secret ways you can seduce girls so they moan and scream your name on their webcam.


Amateur babes are much hotter than live cam girls

When live cam sites first came onto the scene, they were revolutionary. Websites were popping up left and right trying to replicate the success of the big players in the game. However, people forgot about sites like Omegle that were great in the beginning for sex chatting with girls. People want more intimate 1-on-1 sessions with real amateur babes, not live cam performers!

How Lucky Crush is much better than Omegle

When Omegle was first created, it was easy to connect with real girls. These days though, you just get guys jerking off and bots trying to steal your money and scam you. On Lucky Crush, you only get connected with real-life amateur girls. You don’t have to worry about getting scammed by bots. You can ask the girls anything to make sure they’re real and not some kind of bot.

Never get rejected! Chat with very horny girls!

You know how girls like to play hard to get? If you ever had a Tinder account, you know how hard it is to entertain a girl so she keeps chatting with you. On Lucky Crush you don’t have to worry about that because all the girls here are incredibly horny. They don’t care about what you have to say and many of them just want to see you whip out your dick and start jerking off!