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Why we should crown Skyprivate the 2022 adult sex chat king


The idea of sex video platforms is nothing new. There is a whole battlefield of these sites trying to win over their members and get more models to join in. The numbers are rising, and so many want to get as creative as possible to profit. In the massive ocean of live cam sites, there is one that deserves all the glory for its simplicity and effectiveness. We are talking about Skyprivate, a safe way to browse through real models and get your freak on together. Chatselfies has always highlighted only the things worth time and money and Skyprivate deserves all the attention.

What is Sky Private?

Although it has been around for a few years now, Skyprivate has become more popular in the last few years as more models turned to adult sex chat platforms to secure their income in strange times. Basically, the Skyprivate plugin allows you to connect directly to Skype babes without the need to go through all the public rooms while you fight for attention among the horny. It uses IDs that are publicly shared among the Skype sex kittens that provide kinky services. Once you register and boost your account with credit, you can search through the directory and find Skype IDs of the playthings you are interested in. Then the Skyprivate plugin does its magic and gets you through to a direct call with your new baby. It is camming that is more convenient to both models and their end-users.

How it all works

First, you need to register and it doesn’t take much time. Also, it is free. After you finish up your verification and add funds to your account, you become their premium user. And from there, you can start your dirty online activities after Skyprivate login with as many cam babes as you like. You can also rate models and help them climb high on the ranks and earn more. The interface is done smoothly and you have the option to tip the models during every Skype sex video. If you have forgotten to leave a generous tip, you can do it 30 minutes after the call ends and reward your naughty partner for their tremendous efforts. If you have your favorites, you may add them to your personal list and contact them without looking for their ID.

Meet real people in real-time

The most important thing that the Skyprivate app provides is safety and real services. There are no fake profiles here or unnoticeable scams. Customers may pay per minute and give out tips, or they can schedule a call in advance. In that case, they get charged, in case they don’t show up so the model gets paid. If everything goes out all right, the deposit gets back. Hats off for those little things that these guys pay attention to, so all their users don’t have to think about their safety but enjoy the chat. They have customer support in the USA and Europe, so any question gets answered rather quickly.


All hail the erotic king


Skyprivate already has more than 20k users and double the models, so it speaks for itself. Among the models, you may see their details such as where they are from, their hobbies, their photos, body types, fetishes, outfits and other info on what they like to do. Many love to use interactive sex toys to enhance the erotic online experience and get closer to their fans. If you are looking for something in particular, the advanced filter tool will come to good use. It can filter out the models’ gender, age, hair color, boob size, ethnicity and other things. So it is no mystery where those Skype dolls are, as this platform has you covered with the juiciest models that are waiting for you to meet them. Create a free account and start exploring the Skype beauties in the massive Skyprivate’s naughty library!